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Why I Rebound

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I stumbled upon rebounding in my first few years navigating Los Angeles as a newly divorced, working mom of a then, active three-year-old.

On an average weekend in the middle of household chores, I realized I needed to find activities to get us out of the house- And also tire my daughter out enough to ensure a sound afternoon nap. So we threw on come activewear and ventured to the trampoline park several blocks from our apartment. Zara was amazed at the neon lights and various activity spaces for free jumping, birthday celebrations, playing video games, and jumping into foam pits. We put on our non-slip socks, Zara immediately grabbed my hand, and together we jumped on an oversize trampoline square in the free-jump section. Zara eventually left my side and found a few friends her age to bounce with. And so I bounced alone.

About two minutes in, I began to lose myself. I felt like I was floating with each jump. Suddenly I didn't have care in the world. I was becoming a child again. After ten minutes, my body was warm, I began to perspire, and I was out of breath. It had been at least two years since I visited a gym so I knew my endurance was being challenged, but what I didn't expect was the huge rush of energy running through my body. I wanted that feeling forever! Now I know all these year later that jumping on the trampoline that day was increasing my heart-rate, and that happy feeling was due to my endorphins and serotonin levels increasing.

So when then 2020 pandemic hit, I don't think anyone was not prepared for the sudden isolation, homeschooling expectations and the fear of COVID. Watching the worldAnd erupt in racial injustice added a whole new element to an already chaotic time. The trampoline park was closed just like many other businesses. I discovered mini rebounders through online research and bought two. It was during that time I depended on my rebounder like never before. I rebounded with a fierceness that may have frightened even the most dedicated athlete. I do have to pour a bottle of green juice in remembrance of the rebounders that did not manage to hold their spring that summer. They paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Rebounding helped me transform my mindset and truly changed the dynamic between me and my daughter. Rather than being an overly anxious or frustrated mom, I was more calm and rational. We jumped together, made fun videos, and rebounding became a routine part of her physical education homeschool experience. The icing on the cake is that it never feels like a chore or work. The toning and weight loss is nice, but the joy is priceless!

We invite you on this journey to a happier you. Contact me if you are interesting in joining our BOUNCE community and kickstart your rebounding fitness journey.

Zenda Walker is an author a AAFA Certified Fitness Instructor. She runs Bounce Mobile Fitness Club classes online to help others.

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