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Bounce Mobile Fitness Club

"Get Happy"

I am Zenda- a mom, author and AAFA Certified Fitness Instructor.  I discovered the joy of rebounding while visiting a trampoline park with my daughter several years ago.  Once I learned about the health benefits of rebounding, I instantly committed to a lifestyle of bouncing back!  Let's do it together!

This site will provide tips and tricks for maximizing rebounding workouts while having fun. I also offer custom classes to help you meet your fitness goals with my signature Get Happy moves.




Recover in value, amount, or strength after a previous decrease or decline;

To spring back from an impact.

Rebounding fitness has many benefits including, increases circulation, activates cells to absorb more oxygen and vital nutrients, stimulates the lymphatic system, weight loss, increases energy and fosters stress release. Rebounding also increases endorphins which creates feelings of happiness thus relieving symptoms of anxiety.  

My mission is to help people to GET HAPPY and improve their quality of life. Rebounding helps me to spring back from negative impacts and extend existing joy. My mission is to make sure the Bounce community never feels alone on the journey to happiness and prioritizing self care.

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